Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 5 with Emma

Today, Biscuit (my female) "took in" little Emma. Granted, Biscuit is spayed so she can't nurse but she has begun to bathe and cuddle her. They were leery of each other at first but seem to be getting along well. Emma needed a companion! She should be getting her stitches out in about a week and will be available for adoption in about a month.

More updates coming soon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emma's trip

Today Emma went to work with me. She seems to be doing alot better although scared. She had some wet food mixed with hard kitten kibble. She also had a little bit of water. I haven;t seen her use the bathroom yet and that concerns me a bit but she may have gone to the bathroom at the vet's.

She is looking alot better! More updates soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Caring for Emma

It was rainy today in Lakeport, Ca. It was a normal day: it had its ups and downs. Then a paper bag came in. In this paper bag was a little calico kitten. It was about 4 weeks old, covered in fleas and ticks and with a huge gash in her stomach. She was soaked. My heart just broke for this little thing. Partly because she was so pathetic looking and partly because I knew what her future was: euthanasia. She was under 8 weeks of age (the adoption age) and needed medical attention.

Well I couldn't let that happen. So $200 later, a Feline Leukemia test, stitches and a bath she was feeling much better. She is resting comfortable on her heating blanket after some yummy wet food. I don't think I can keep her as I have three cats already but I really hope she will find a forever home. I will keep her until she is fuly happy, healthy and old enough to go back to the shelter. I've named her Emma and she is so thankful for the warmth.

The bad news is, my birthday is Friday and those $200 were supposed to go to a badly needed shopping trip for clothes. But I know helping save a life will mean more to me and little Emma than clothes ever would.

I will keep you guys updated on her progress!


Reviews and Comments

I've spoke with different sales representatives about reviewing items and products through my blog. This is how it works:

A company sends me a sample of their product. Depending on what that product is, I will test it and them review it for you all to read!

All these reviews and tests are animal related, specifically cat related.

I can't wait to start reviewing! Give me a comment if you are interested in me reviewing a certain item!
Thanks guys!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun Animal Facts

Think you know all about animals? Here are some statistics and fun facts!

On average, dog owners spend about $196 on vet bills in the past 12 months.

Annually, there are more people killed by donkeys than plane crashes.

Snails can sleep for three years without eating!

Crocodiles swallow stones to help them dive deeper

A group of crows is called a murder

Eels have two hearts

Some lions mate over 50 times a day

Just a quick post. Hope you all enjoy!

There are as many chickens on this planet as people

An ant can survive two days underwater!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Feral Community Problem

Tonight in Lake County at the Courthouse, there is a meeting from 6-8 pm about our feral and community cat problem and solutions. If you care about this county , animals or our environment then please attend! It's being held in the Board of Supervisors Chambers in Lakeport. Any questions?

On another note, IF you are feeding ferals but NOT getting them spayed/neutered and vaccinated, you are just endorsing the problem! We need to cut down on the thousands and thousands of unwanted feral kittens born every year! Contact your local SPCA or vet clinic to find out deals on S/N and vaccinating a feral cat in your area. Please contribute to the solution, not the problem!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Word On Dogs and Cars

People please....

It's hot out this summer, really hot. I don't care if you are running into the store to pick up a pint of ice cream or shopping for the month.....please please please leave your dogs home.

Not only is it unsafe to leave your dog in the car on a hot day, it's illegal.

It can literally be a killer. When its 85 degrees outside the inside of your car can heat up to 102 degrees in 10 minutes even with the windows rolled down! It can reach 120 in a half hour. Even leaving your dog in the car for a sort time can kill it. I've seen it happen! It reach 96 degrees today. That is high!

The penal code in California 597.7(A) states it is illegal to leave a pet in the car in extreme cold or cold conditions. You could face up to $500 fine or 6 month jail time.

So please, if you are planning on leaving your car with your dog inside to go to a store, even for a minute, just leave the dog home. It's not worth the dog's life or being charged with animal cruelty!!

A dog's temperature only needs to be brought up to 104 degrees to go into cardiac arrest. Dogs can suffer brain and organ damage within 15 minutes!!!

If you see a dog in distress in a car, call your local Animal Control immediately! You could save its life!

Unsure what Feline Leukemia is?

This link will tell you eveything you need to know about Feline Leukemia.

Keep in mind....if YOUR cat is tested positive for feline leukemia, there are feline leukemia postive rescues for your cat if you cannot care for it due to other cats.

Give me a comment if you have any other questions regarding this disease!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ferals and Visits

So yesterday I got to visit a home with 19 cats and 5 ferrets. It was awesome! You would never guess that they had all those animals. They took a few plastic tub and cut a hole in it and used it for a litter box. Very smart idea! The ferrets were adorable too! Many of the cats hey now have were products of abandoned mother and litter and they took them ALL in. Amazing. I am so glad there are responsible people out there that will be responsible and caring when no one else will.

I am taking on a new project: taking in ferals to work with them. I'm trying to save a few by making them adoptable. It's frustrating to see such a wild overpopulation problem in our county. This friday we are having a meeting to address the feral community problem. I hope it all works out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm back Cat Lovers!!!

Sorry for the long absence! Work has been CRAZY! Basically, Spring is our big months where we get litters and litters of kittens everyday. This has been a great week at my job. We got all but 10 dogs out to rescue groups in the Bay area AND many many cats. It's has been wonderful. In my absence I received a 17 year old cat, a Seal Point Siamese Mix. He was the best cat I've ever had. I thought he had a few years left in him (I couldn't bear to think of him spending his last days at the shelter) but unfortunately he had a bad seizure a month and a half in and lost contol of his legs. So we put him down. He was an incredible cat. We named him Leonidas.

Keep in mind people, if you live in Lake County, CA we have an over abundance of pitties in this county. If you have it in your heart to adopt one of the sweeties, we always have them at our shelter!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I apologize....

I haven't posted anything in awhile because of the holidays BUT I'm back and I come bearing gifts.......squee gifts.

Awwww. Baby lynx kittys. Sigh....I just want them all
It's the saddest baby alive. I need to give it snuggles!!

Cute little baby corgis. I love these babies. I want one immediately!

I hope you enjoyed these adorable pics. More to come!!