Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Caring for Emma

It was rainy today in Lakeport, Ca. It was a normal day: it had its ups and downs. Then a paper bag came in. In this paper bag was a little calico kitten. It was about 4 weeks old, covered in fleas and ticks and with a huge gash in her stomach. She was soaked. My heart just broke for this little thing. Partly because she was so pathetic looking and partly because I knew what her future was: euthanasia. She was under 8 weeks of age (the adoption age) and needed medical attention.

Well I couldn't let that happen. So $200 later, a Feline Leukemia test, stitches and a bath she was feeling much better. She is resting comfortable on her heating blanket after some yummy wet food. I don't think I can keep her as I have three cats already but I really hope she will find a forever home. I will keep her until she is fuly happy, healthy and old enough to go back to the shelter. I've named her Emma and she is so thankful for the warmth.

The bad news is, my birthday is Friday and those $200 were supposed to go to a badly needed shopping trip for clothes. But I know helping save a life will mean more to me and little Emma than clothes ever would.

I will keep you guys updated on her progress!


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