Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm back Cat Lovers!!!

Sorry for the long absence! Work has been CRAZY! Basically, Spring is our big months where we get litters and litters of kittens everyday. This has been a great week at my job. We got all but 10 dogs out to rescue groups in the Bay area AND many many cats. It's has been wonderful. In my absence I received a 17 year old cat, a Seal Point Siamese Mix. He was the best cat I've ever had. I thought he had a few years left in him (I couldn't bear to think of him spending his last days at the shelter) but unfortunately he had a bad seizure a month and a half in and lost contol of his legs. So we put him down. He was an incredible cat. We named him Leonidas.

Keep in mind people, if you live in Lake County, CA we have an over abundance of pitties in this county. If you have it in your heart to adopt one of the sweeties, we always have them at our shelter!!

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