Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ferals and Visits

So yesterday I got to visit a home with 19 cats and 5 ferrets. It was awesome! You would never guess that they had all those animals. They took a few plastic tub and cut a hole in it and used it for a litter box. Very smart idea! The ferrets were adorable too! Many of the cats hey now have were products of abandoned mother and litter and they took them ALL in. Amazing. I am so glad there are responsible people out there that will be responsible and caring when no one else will.

I am taking on a new project: taking in ferals to work with them. I'm trying to save a few by making them adoptable. It's frustrating to see such a wild overpopulation problem in our county. This friday we are having a meeting to address the feral community problem. I hope it all works out!

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