Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 weeks and counting! Color Patterns

Today my five little munchkins are officially 4 weeks old. They are starting to nibble on dry kibble, are running around and playing, and are much more hungry!! They are turning out to be such great kitties. All of their personalities are starting to show. I have two boys and three girls. I asked my husband last night to feed the brown tabby and he was confused as to which one that was. He made me laugh and think to myself that some people just don't know what colors some cats are. So lets clarify shall we?

Tabby: A tabby comes in many different colors but they all have those little stripeys. There are brown, grey, and orange tabbys.

Calico: A calico is a cat that has patches of colors usually white, orange and black with varied colors. They are solid unlike the tortishell.

Tortishell: Usually a dark brown or black with colors sprinkled throughout: orange, reds etc

Siamese coloring: This one is a little trickier since there are many different varieties of Siamese. There are flamepoint, lilac point, chocolate point, Lynx point, Seal point and I'm sure many others but those are the most common. Shown is a Seal point

Now I won't go into dilute tortie, calico or torbie since those get confusing without pointing out a specific animal.

Of course there are always different color patterns to these color so it can get confusing! For instance, my cat Moki has shades of Tortie AND Calico but she is a general Tortie.

Well hopefully, you now know what coloring your cat is. If you don't think your cat is particular breed (eg. Siamese, Persian, Abyssinian) then it's classified as a DSH, DMH, or DLH meaning domestic short,medium or long hair. So, for instance, my cat fox is a DMH Orange and White Tabby!

Well I hope this helps next time you are describing a cat. And because I am so fond of Siamese I'm going to show you the different points down below. Enjoy!
Lilac Point
Lynx Point

Flamepoint Seal Point

Sidenote: If you have a cat that is a solid color or a few colors then that's okay too. If there are no stripes they would be a solid white, black, brown or whatever the case may be. Multiple colors would be a bi-colored or tri-colored


  1. SCARS has had every type of those except a seal and lynx point. Flamepoints are super cute!

  2. Thats what biscuit is :) I think Animal Control has had them all!


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