Monday, September 13, 2010

Helpful Tools for Pet Owners

Some websites I would like to share to help my fellow pet owner!

Here is a package you can add onto your Honda Element that is strictly for dogs. Here is what it includes:

Rear Dog Kennel Spill resistant water bowl
Kennel Organizer Rear fan
Pet Bed Dog friendly emblems
Stowable Ramp and more!
Dog pattern seat covers
All-season floor mats

Something for people who don't want scratches from their kitties but don't want to put them through the painful process of de-clawing (trust me, it is so painful for them)
go to Basically what it is: Safety caps on nails that have been trimmed. It stunts the growth of the nails for 4-6 weeks so a whole box lasts 4-6 months. Please consider this as a safer alternative to declawing! You can even get different colors!!

Check out our adoptable animals at the shelter I work at at Click on Animal Care and Control on the right hand side, then Animal Adoptions. Click on Dogs or Cats. You can also make a donation toward the Spay or Neuter of an animal here at the shelter! is a great website for the "modern" cat. There are modern toys, furiture, litter boxes, treats and alot more. It's a great website to look at if you want some out of the ordinary things for your cats :)

If anyone has other websites that are helpful, please leave a comment and share the knowledge!

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