Saturday, September 11, 2010

Working at Animal Control

People often tell me while I'm working that they love animals "too much" to do what I do. Let me tell you something. If I didn't love animals with all my being, why the heck would I work at an Animal Shelter. I recently got promoted/moved to another position. I'm a dispatcher. This means that when you call the Animal Care and Control you will talk to me. People seem to be alot more bold a.k.a rude when they are on the phone. I suffer through this because 1. It's my job and 2. I love animals. I am currently fostering 5, 3 week old kittens. Yes, this means midnight feedings, only being away from home a few hours at a time, and a constant motherly instinct everytime I hear a "cry" I do this for animals, for all of them. I know that to some people I am the big, bad Animal Control who take away your animals and euthanize little kittens but remember I am a person too and everything I do is to further the "humanity" of animals everywhere.


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