Friday, September 17, 2010


I read an interesting article today about a man with over 600 cats on his five acre ranch! Quite an interesting story. Read all about it here:

Week Four: The kittens are much more active now! They play, jump, and run. They are still a little wobbly which is cute!

Work Stories:

We got in 5 maltese dogs today. Poor things were in a puppy mill and covered in their own feces. After three baths and a quick shave they look much better. We also got in 5 Dobberman/Weimareners who are to die for! They were kept in a kennel all their life so they didn't even know how to play! We are socializing them and they seem to be coming along well.

Praise Report: A lady in Clearlake was going to hold a "raffle" for her English Bulldog pups. She breeds the mom every year and sells the females as breeding puppies. They are horrifically inbred but we contacted the police dept and she won't be doing the raffle anymore! Hurray! When will people learn that we have too many animals in the world as it is!!

Please people, Spay/Neuter your animals!

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