Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Made from Animals

Here's a few interesting things you might like to hear if you are an animal lover of any sort

Things made from animals:

Rennet: Enzyme from calf stomach, found in cheeses
Gelatin: Animal Collagen found in marshmallows, candies, gelatin desserts and yogurt
Isinglass: the swim bladder in fish used in some alcohols (beer and wine)
Fatty acids from animals: Make up several kinds of plastics
Glycerin: used from cows to made toothpaste and brushes
Bones and Horns: used from buttons
Civet's perineal glands: to extend the life of a perfume (they scrape the captive civet's anal glands)
Also in perfume: Ambergris in whales, musk from male deers, castor oil from beavers

These are just a few things made from animals for our own selfish use. Please, check the label before you buy groceries or really any product from toiletries to furniture.


  1. This makes me sad. You need to go veg sis. You may want to add that there is vegetable glycerin w/out animal products. I didn't know about the buttons :(

  2. Yah, I wish I had the willpower and money to do it. Unfortunately, I'm lucky to get food let alone more expensive, organic etc. It's a tough world out there to be veg.


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